Happy Hump Day!

Today has literally been one of the most rewarding days on this job so far. I recreated our entire website from scratch. FROM SCRATCH. All of the copy, photos, and widgets that you can interact with, I designed all on my own!

Go ahead, check it out… you know you want to!
It is still ‘under construction’ for a little while as we tweak things. Testimonials are always welcome, you can e-mail them to me anytime at and I will put them on our website!
I think we really needed to revamp our website. It is my job to ensure that we receive a lot of web traffic, so I want our client’s web experience to be easy and stress-free.
I was surprised that my HTML skills are not as rusty as I thought they would be. It did take me pretty much all of this morning, but I am very proud of it. I had to run out to one of our listing sites on Cedar Avenue to take our old For Sale sign and bring it to Accent Signs in Niceville – they provide us with printing all of our flawless signs. We are in the process of reprinting all of our signs with the new Powerhouse Group design. The postcard design is almost finished, and the neighborhood signs have been sent in for their final review.

We have several of our listings that are under contract right now, and as always our Listings page has been updated. I have so much more to write but I will have to save it for a post tomorrow because it is 10pm and I am absolutely exhausted!

Good night!


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